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      I take this moment to silence my mind . . .

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       three ~  deep ~ breaths ~

      Divine Teacher and Friend; I call upon You...
        Guiding Sacred Spirit of Truth and Peace within that cares for our well being !
      Today. . .
      Guide my Heart towards
        a kind and loving space.
      Lead my mind to Focus
        on its' tasks, and on Your Presence.
      Deliver my emotional mind
        from unwholesome wanderings.
      Join me in my planning.
      Bring my efforts into Harmony
        with Divine Wisdom.
      Empower a Wholesome Will
        and a Rational Mind within Me !

      Bless Today and these, Our Efforts with Success.

      Lead my thoughts away from self-pity, and arrogance !
      Fill my Being with Patience..
        leaving no room for rebelliousness.
      Let Gratitude...
          towards your all pervasive Grace
            and Kindness...
        Empower the Joy in my Heart !

    Church of the Eternal Now, School of Spiritual Fitness.