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When Conscoiusness
is the Primary Reality
Build a Sanctuary for What Is Spiritual

"What Is"
- is Spiritually Conscious and Aware

"What is Not"
- is Mindless Mechanical Coincidence

The Sanctuary for What Is
has at its precepts the following basic values:

1) God is Love !

Not a bearded Self-Centered, fearful Being, sitting on a cloud and judging everything we do.
The term "God"; has a million different meanings to millions of very different people. Current analysis of just what is the essence of consciousness and it's place in reality includes an evolution of everything that lives, and hints at some unknown central source. The name that can be defined is NOT the true identity. (Lao Tsu)
To claim there either IS or IS NOT God is pointless, when we can not define such a Name.
So, God is without accurate definition, but we can give God a Nickname, and do so for the purpose of being able to use our skills of philosophy and analysis to sculpt a likeness.
Remember, the likeness of God (LOVE) is never to be confused with the real thing, and become worshipped.

Love is a Spirit;
    Being beyond Words.
    Kindness beyond Understanding.
    Fairness beyond Justice
    (as we know it).
An essence of what we are
(or can be),
Inside, Spiritually,

2) The primary role of the Sanctuary is to seek and acquire the Knowledge of Spiritual Health, Wisdom and Fitness. To teach or share this knowledge through practice. Then to provide safe keeping of this knowledge.

3) The secondary role of What Is - is to practice and demonstrate the values of "The Three Treasures"
    - To Care (about ourselves and others)
    - To be Fair and Compassionate.
    - To be Humble and Forgiving.

4) The Sanctuary of What Is shall respect and cultivate the right of individual thought and reason.

There shall not be officially published, an opinion that prohibits the questioning of its teachings by any individual or group. The Organization shall avoid any and all operational apsects as defined and described in "Signs of a Cult", and shall further promote "Freedom of Respective Questioning".
    Individual thought and individual cosmic accessibility are co-existent requirements of a truly rational faith. Each of us has instant and complete access to Universal Conscsciousness, God or The Divine.
The concept that we need some individual or external spirit to connect to God; or Our Highest Self, is wrong and shall not be tolerated within The Sanctuary of What Is.

When ideals grow in popularity they also spawn organizations. Too often Organizations become "cliquish". People often struggle to control their ego and keep it balanced. So, there becomes a propensity for some individuals to be involved only to seek to implant their own egoistic priorities.
    The organization then becomes contaminated with ownership or control issues. Then these various financial obligations take away the focus of the basic precepts and establish new ones intended to help meet these obligations.
Therefore the Sanctuary of What Is shall:

5) Use constant vigilence and deal assertively to prevent ownership and thus limit group power and corruption. Dogma can be one of these ownership issues.
If an Organization claiming to adhere to these Precepts, yet claims to own real assets or even the authority of the teachings of this Sanctuary; it is no longer worthy to claim adherence to these Precepts.