The following are only a few of limitless visions of Mind Health and Spiritual Wholeness. Please explore and contemplate how these may blend with your values.

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Be Attendant not Master
Controlling life or others
is not the way.

 The Source of Our Being
The essence of our life is beyond
the reach of words to define.

Can You live beyond
Nature, the living example
is immune to this.
So what is the lesson?

Display of Wealth?
Display Modesty instead!

Its better to make the rewards
given for merit low key.

- Beyond Embarrassment -
Our sense of Self
must not serve the master Ego.

Comparing Good and Bad
The Sage...
Sets up no saintly deed.
Lays down no absolute rule.
Takes everything that happens
as it comes.

Our Inner Guide
In this writing the venerable Sage leads us to a vision of Divine Inspiration and the progress from first contact to the Souls ultimate Sanity and Salvation.